Vision and Mission


The integral formation of the human person for the fulfilment of his/her individual responsibilities with sincerity, honesty and maturity.


To provide value - based education in letter and spirit and mould the character of the younger generation to achieve progress and prosperity in life thereby serving the society.


1. Integrity
2. Righteousness 
3. Compassion
4. Accountability
5. Discipline
6. Tolerance 
7. Punctuality
8. Honesty
9. Equality
10. Non-Violence 


The major core values exhibited has to be inculcated in the students through perpetual practice. Punctuality and Discipline are the major hall marks of our institution. Towards this end, accurate time warnings are given by ringing bells. Students and staff have to adhere to the timings. Discipline is maintained through neat and tidy attire, not permitting vehicles inside the campus, enforcement of ID cards, timely submission of assignments and strict adherence to attendance rules. 

National integration to be achieved through commemoration of National events and National Leaders. Social commitment to be imparted by enrolling most of the students in NCC and NSS. Honesty and Integrity to be exhibited while writing exams and submitting assignments. Mutual respect to be shown by abstaining from eve-teasing, harassment or any kind of discriminatory practices. Tolerance to the diversified strata of staff and student community of the institution. To train the students to treat everyone equally and with compassion. Sensitizing the students regarding gender, citizenship, class and language.