Womens Cell

Womens Cell

The Women's Cell strarted functioning in the College with the exclusive aim of enabling the lady students to grow and develop by giving training to them in personality development, career orientation, home management etc.

1. Awareness of their equal rights, privileges and responsibility in building up the society
2. Cultivating in them a deeper interest in the cultural heritage of our country
3. Bringing out the best in them by providing opportunities in the form of discussions, seminars, symposia, exposure programmes, leadership camps and workshops, taking up projects in related issues, study tours etc. 
4. Above all, developing leadership qualities in them. Membership for the Women's Cell is opened to all girl students of the college. 



Convenor Mrs. Subi Joseph
  Mrs. Blessy V Rajan


The Women Cell of St Xavier’s College Vaikom, initiated its activities for the academic year 2019-20 on 27th August 2019. An inaugural session was held on the same day at the College Auditorium and Women's cell was blessed to have Mr. V.U.Kuriakose,Director, Kerala Women’sCommission, for the inaugural ceremony and thereafter for a short lecture on Women empowerment.Women’s Cell for the academic year 2019-20 was very successful in carrying out a wide range of academic as well as non-academic enrichment activities for the female students of the College.


Women Cell focused much on the self-dependence of female students and hence much importance was given to skill enhancement programmes. Women Cell 2019-20, implemented two sewing machines in the Women’s retiring room of the College on 16 January 2019 for making our female students capable of self-employment. The training was provided to 60 female students of our campus on cloth bag making, keeping in mind ‘green protocol’ which is an urge of present-day life.


Women Cell in Association with Rotary Club Vaikom and St Xavier’s College Vaikom was successful in distributing cloth bags to students,teachers,non-teaching staff and also to the people living near to the College.This activity satisfied the green protocol motto of the year, which aimed in creating awareness among people on sustainable development.


The female students of our College, who were benefitted by the sewing classes initiated by Women Cell, put some good effort in visiting Mercy Home, Muthedathukavu, and in providing self-made clothes to the 21 old and sick women inmates of the Old Age Home, on 13th February 2020.


Women Cell 2019-20 provided E-literacy classes to 30 women candidates of our College. This activity was put forward envisaging quality improvement of female students by equipping them with skills needed to survive in the present.Women cell Coordinators and the students who already have mastery over internet usage put their effort in helping the needy female students by encouraging them to create mail accounts, use browsers and so on.


An awareness programme was conducted on feminine cancer on 28th February 2020.The session entitled “A CANCER FREE WORLD-THE CHOICE IS YOURS” was handled by Dr.Michelle Aline Antony, Senior Consultant, Breast and Gynae Oncology – Kinder Medical group, and it focused on uterine and breast cancer, its causes and remedies, which was really beneficial for the students.


The Women Cell of the College in association with IQAC jointly coordinated and conducted counselling for about 200 students of the college and provided remedial measures for solving various problems faced by the students like poor academic performance, personal and family problems.  200 parents of the selected students were also given counselling to help the students. Students were given counselling for 5 hrs. every week from September to February. A professional clinical psychologist Dr. Reshmy who is working in Sunrise Hospital helped us to carry out this mission.