The National Cadet Corps (NCC) gives opportunities for military training and Social Service to college students without imposing in them any obligation for active military service.

The objectives of NCC are:-

1. To develop character, comradeship, ideals of service and capacity for leadership in the youth.
2. To provide service training to the students so as to stimulate interest in the defence of the country and
3. To build up potential officers for the defence of the country in a National Emergency.
The immediate benefit of NCC training is the improvement in physical and mental capacity, cultivating a sense of pride in smart turn out and bearing, fostering a sense of discipline and responsibility, developing a social personality, an aptitude for leadership and inculcation of the principles and values of military service.
Members of the corps have definite obligation for attending training programmes. Their attendance at weekly parades held during the academic year is compulsory. Parades will cease three weeks before Annual Examinations.
Military uniform, which are to be worn at all parades is issued cost free to all members and will be withdrawn prior to their discharge. Members must make good all loss sustained to the articles provided to them.
Eligibility conditions for Certificate Examinations
1. ‘B’ Certificate.
     a) The cadet must have attended a minimum of 75% of total training period laid down in the syllabus for the first year.
     b) Must have attended one Annual Training Camp/N.I.C.
2. ‘C” Certificate
    a) The cadet must have qualified ‘B’ certificate
    b) The cadet must be in second year of SD/SW N.C.C. training.
    c) The cadet must have attended a minimum of 75% of the periods of 2nd year syllabus.
    d) Must have attended two A.T.C.s
Weightage of marks to eligible cadets for admission to various courses in Universities of the State of Kerala is as follows.
# Course Marks
1 Degree 10
2 PG course 15
2 BEd 5
2 TTC 10
All cadets joining the N.C.C. will have to remit a sum of Rs.14/- and Rs.4/- towards membership fee for first year and second year respectively to the N.C.C Cadets Welfare Society.

Grace Grade Points for NCC Cadets

Activity Activity Grade Maximum
Code Points
10 day Annual Trg. Camp/
75% Parade attendance NC01 1.2
Certificate B NC02 1.6
Certificate C NC03 2.0 6.0
(National Level)
Adventure Camps (National Level) NC04 2.4
Other COC’s

NCC Officer

Lt. Roy Mathew - Dept. of Political Science