NSS (National Service Scheme)

The Government of India introduced the National Service Scheme in Colleges and Universities in the year 1971-72. The Universities in Kerala implemented NSS programme from 1976-77. The first NSS unit of our college started functioning in 1983. We have sanction for two units in the college. The aim of NSS is to educate the students through community service and enrich their personality and deepen their understanding of the social environment in which they live. The more specific objectives of the NSS are to arouse in the students a social commitment towards nation building and to provide them opportunities to work with people for community development. Although admission to the Scheme is voluntary, once a student opts for it, it will be compulsory for him/ her to complete the minimum 120 hours in a year in the scheme activities. Hence they should be prepared to utilize their holidays and vacations for field work whenever required. The NSS volunteers who complete the minimum requirements for two consecutive years will be given a certificate from the University signed by the Vice Chancellor. The holders of such certificates are eligible to get weightage of marks at the time of admission to any course of study.

Programme Officers

Ms. Rekha A.G - Dept. of Malayalam
Dr. Titto Varghese- Dept. of Commerce