The History Department was started in the year1983 with pre-degree course and from 1993 this department serves as the complementary subject of Economics Department. All the activities are carried out as a part of Economics Department.

The Department attempts to make the teaching of History interesting, enlightening and relevant. While conducting class, efforts to inculcate an enquiry spirit among the students is encouraged. The constant use of wall maps, models, pictures etc. are generously made use of to supplement the data. The Department takes keen interest in providing students hands on experience by arranging field visits and study tours regularly. The study tours cover historical places in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. These visits provide academic exposure to students by visits to libraries, Museums, Book fairs etc. To provide a good foundation for understanding the dynamics of the historical processes. To provide a platform that will create a critical bend of mind while analysing issues. To help provide scope for further studies in history for interested students.