Botany is the complementary subject for B.Sc. Zoology course. Botany Dept also came into being in the year 1998, along with the Department of Zoology. Ever since its inception, it has been offering Botany as a complementary course for the B.Sc. Zoology students. Prof. Elizabeth Joseph functioned as the Head of Department for a period of 15 years from 1998-2013. The Department is having a single faculty at present. It has a well equipped laboratory , with all the basic facilities for the study of Taxonomy, morphology and Plant Physiology. As an initial effort  in mapping the plant diversity of the locality, the flora of the campus has been identified and  taxonomically labelled. It has also surveyed the mangrove ecosystem of adjoining  estuarine areas and prepared a herbarium representing the same. It also plays an important and advisory role in the agricultural practices carried out in the college campus.